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As we all know, finding a new job is so tedious and time consuming. Top level jobs takes months to complete the process. Those who are working and looking for a change, this process is really tedious. Good thing is that we always have some tricks to do this like a professional.

Below are the few tricks to expedite and tweak the process:

Resume updating: This might be the document we might be seeing whole life time, however this determines the place in an organization. It should be a page or two with matching formats and style as per the latest trends. Recruiters spend an average of 10 seconds to shortlist a candidate. Not sure how to present all your work experience, achievements, qualifications in a fashionable way? – Just outsource it. Now a days, we have VAs with this expertise to draft covering letters, sort jobs, follow-up with interview schedules, etc.

Connect with references: Most of the jobs are filled with networking now a days. Being active on social media and building relationships place a vital role job change.

Key words on resume: Most of us do not know that recruiters are using ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to sort database. This system rate resume on the number of keywords and 50% of applications gets rejected for not matching with job description. So, its necessary to do a keyword search, identify right ones and use in resume. Not sure how to do this: here again your VA comes to rescue.

Social media profile: Now a days almost every company is looking at LinkedIn profile. 75% of companies use social media platforms to recruit and rate candidates. These help recruiters to judge candidates and know more about them.

Reading: Reading articles, books in your field gives the updates to discuss with recruiter. Also reading on leadership qualities, interview techniques, participating in forums, discussing experiences, questions etc. help you get a strategy to land on your dream job.

Did you get a strategy to land on your dream Job?

You can outsource this to SGH. Right from professional resume writing to profile management on job portals and applying to relevant positions, scheduling meetings etc. are taken care. Reach us on live chat or phone to know more.

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