Why is Thanksgiving Day exalted?

Why is Thanksgiving Day exalted?

Unlike the olden days of Thanksgiving celebrations with old traditions, turkeys, pies, food, gatherings with family or friends, it’s a kick-start for a lot more enjoyment. Preceding black Friday and Cyber Monday, people tend to buy gadgets and other equipment due to online deals. Many might have postponed several purchases for these deals. Also, a wise pick to purchase lavish gifts for Christmas as prices go up in December.

On the contrary, it’s supposed to be showing gratitude to God by sharing what he has given us. It’s a great feeling of satisfaction which can’t be bought or replaced. Sharing satisfies all the emotions in mind and drives you in peace to enjoy the end of the year. This brings a lot of change in the mental status and the way you look at things.

Here are a few advantages:

  1. Awesome work-life balance technique. Satisfying your emotions will keep you out of all the stress you had yearlong and prepares you to for up comings.
  2. The matchless happiness which is also a feeling of self-greatness.
  3. Generates new energy which drives you to start new things like exercise and many things you might have stopped/not done earlier.
  4. Gives you right sleep.

Considering today’s living conditions, gratefulness doesn’t come out easily. We need to practice it and implement in every situation which is, in turn, helps to one’s own self. Gifting is a way to practice it and gifting for every small reason shows your appreciation and develops relations as well. Imparting this into your children will help go out of it. Spend time with children, checking their happy or sad moments can develop this attitude. Taking every opportunity to appreciate peers, colleagues, and neighbors also help you to come out of stress and make Thanksgiving a habit.

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